Curahkan Isi Hati, Marshanda Tulis Puisi Indah Tentang Cinta

Tiara Putri, Jurnalis · Senin 16 September 2019 19:45 WIB
https: content 2019 09 16 196 2105596 curahkan-isi-hati-marshanda-tulis-puisi-indah-tentang-cinta-DD9Z7SQlkR.jpg Marshanda tulis puisi tentang cinta (Foto : @marshanda99/Instagram)

“Love is spilling into me

Love is spilling out of me

I am overwhelmed

Its unbearably handled well


Love pouring into me

Love pouring out of me

I am in tears

It’s painfully beautiful

Marshanda galau

Love lights me up

Love burns my hell out

And it kills all should’ve would’ve could’ves and reincarnate them into an angel

Taking care of me

In me.

Marshanda putih

Love is truth

Love is every poetry written under the aurora of our own spirit

Love is war in heaven

It’s tasty and tempting and it asks you to stop, wonder, and watch.

It’s a masterpiece breathing timelessly



I am overwhelmed

I am possessed

How can life be so beautiful?

After I died again and again.

At the end.

It is the reason.

That was the reason why.


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